Coffee Bars near me

Coffee Bars near me

Coffee Bars near me:  A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent. A coffee a day keeps a grumpy away. Everything gets better if the day starts with a coffee. Here are some of the places listed below which might give you the pleasure of experiencing a coffee.

Coffee House:

The Coffee House is the best coffee bar to start the day having a fresh coffee. The coffee house is located in Northwest, Portland and is famous for its chocolate. The baristas crack out short of sterling coffee espresso and the rich hot chocolate made with Venezuelan dark chocolate and Portuguese sea salt.

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The Espressamenteilly is famous for the grabbing a world class espresso. The coffee bar is located in the Palazzo, Las Vegas and is the famous coffee bar which has signature blended of Arabia coffee. It is as well as a bar to grab a canned espresso. It is also famous for the traditional European pastries and also fresh made crepes.

Coffee Bars near me

Houndstooth Coffee:

Houndstooth Coffee bar is located in Austin, TX. The coffee bars near me serves the best coffee bar near me from various roasted beans which have a last longing aroma and gives and delightful taste of coffee. An interesting fact is that the Houndstooth coffee bar conducts an in-house training program for barista local champs. So as a matter of fact that this has the best coffee making individuals in Austin, Las Vegas.

Coffee Trieste:

The Coffee Trieste is the most famous coffee bar near me, serving the best espresso coffee. This has been started since early 1950’s and the best signature blends of coffee. The coffee Trieste is located in San Francisco, CA. This coffee bar has the tradition of serving Italian style coffee. The interesting part is, the coffee bar has a pleasant music surrounding which is surely the best place to enjoy a coffee.

Café Grumpy:

The café grumpy is located in Brooklyn, NY. The Coffee bar has the tradition of seasonally changing house espresso, so is known as the heartbreaker. The interesting fact is that it has the menu which includes tasting notes for every roast described as having flavors of hibiscus, toffees and blood orange. Probably this might be the best place to have a delicious cup of coffee.

Café Du Monde:

The café Du Monde is an old coffee bar but is the famous and the best coffee bars near me. This has a history of serving the chicory spiced coffee, black or over the past 150 years. It is meant that chicory is served to strengthen the soldiers in the civil war, which is the result of which the Café Du Monde is famous for. It has the tasty chocolates and coffee serving bars. The flavor has rich chocolate undertones of dark roasted coffee. I think the aroma of the chicory is the reason why the Café Du Monde is famous.

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Caffe Droid:

Caffe Droid is located in Chapel Hill, NC. This place has the beaten path surrounded by wood. This coffee bar serves the best Espresso drinks and is made of beans from the Carrboro coffee company. The café also provides the smoking facility on the roof serving wines and beers.