Advantages of using a private taxi near me service

We all at one point of time might have used the private taxi service and the public both, have you found any big difference? With the growth in evolution now you can order a taxi just like you order a pizza! So everything can be done with the tip of your fingers, I can bring a taxi near me by just clicking on the applications on my smartphone. Or I can even call out for a public taxi near me to reach the certain place, but are both the options good?

What is the difference between the two? Public and private taxi service providers, there are many benefits of the private taxi service near me and there are cons too! Similarly, the public service has its own benefits and cons too!

There is more than 2 lakh taxi cab drivers in the whole of United States, so the public taxi near me is easy to spot on any street in the country.

And there are more than 1 lakh 60 thousand Uber private company’s taxi drivers so finding them is also super easy. Now with so many good options which one should a customer do? Can they trust on the new technology and try to modernize themselves?

Well here are the pros of using a private taxi service.

  • Convenience – there have been days that we go on the street and cannot find a taxi, or It is late night and you do not want to waste time in finding a cab on the street, or it is an emergency and you are facing problem because of the heavy rains to find a taxi, to tackle all these situations the private taxi service is come up which gives a person complete convenience as and when he wants to have. He can actually go to the application and pre-book with the timing and locality he wants the cab to beat. So the customer need not be uneasy or wait for a long time to search for a cab on the street.
  • Professional service – all the taxi cab drivers of the private taxi services are professionals and some of them are also well trained, so having these professional services might be a little more helpful during the hard times, even a hasty drive is quite safe with these professional drivers. They also have technology inbuilt in their cab about the routes with lesser traffic and they are so familiar with the route you want to reach. The Taxi near my location has so many amenities that one can get to their decided location irrespective of any hurdles.
  • Flexible – unlike the public transport, the private taxi cab drivers are so flexible they can move their entire schedule and destination according to you, at the last moment also you can call the cab driver of the Taxi service near me and ask him to come to the new location, normally we do not get hold of the public taxi’s for longer routes or anytime service if we want to go to an airport at midnight or something. But these private taxi services near me is so good that I can make them move according to my time and schedule and give a pick or a drop service or both.  The flexibility of these services is one of the prime reasons that they are doing well.
  • Save’s time – Someone so well said that time is money and if we do not spend it wisely then we are unproductive in nature, the private cab services are working harder to provide us this and save our time. So now instead of going on streets and chasing the drivers you can just order the tax using an application or search for the Taxi service near my location and give a call and the cab will be there for your service. So these private taxi cabs are like lifesavers during the time of emergencies.
  • Any time of the day – One can get these private taxis absolutely any time of the day, you have to just order and they are available for your service, unlike the public taxi’s there is no surety of them being available for you any time of the day. And saving time is very important so instead of chasing the taxi’s on the street instead I just place an order and get the Taxi near me.
  • Good cabs – Now there are chances that the public cab driver has forgotten to check his car or get it serviced recently like there is no PUC check up done. Or the car has some other minute problem or the petrol tank is running out of petrol, many such problems can occur with the public taxi cabs. But if you are in a private taxi service you do not get any such service, instead, the cabs are regularly serviced and cleaned and are maintained very well for their customers.
  • Customer redressal – If you are facing or faced any problem with these private taxi service you can either mail them or comment on their social media pages about the problem you faced with their service and them will get back to you with a proper answer and even give some coupons or extra benefits if their service was at fault. So with these private taxi services near my location I get the flexibility to even complain or give a feedback about their service.
  • Safe – The private taxi drivers go through police verification also so we are sure that we are in safe hands during our journey, the private companies give complete surety and details about the driver who will be driving you throughout your journey.

So these were the pros of the private Taxi service near my location which has benefited a lot from the people and leads to the growth of these private taxi services in the United States.

Facts about Uber I bet you didn’t know!

  • Uber was found by the two dropouts of the University of California and the founder of the Stumpleupon.
  • On the 5th anniversary of Uber which was on June 1st in the year 2015 uber announced that it was working in 58 countries now with the network spanning of 311 cities.
  • The Uber rose a total funding of about 5 billion dollars in the same year and they were valued at 51 billion dollars in the 5th year they gave a neck to neck fight to beat Facebook’s record.
  • About 87 percent of the Uber driver’s gave a reason that they joined this company to become their own boss and run according to their own schedule.
  • 8 percent of the Total Uber driver’s are the veterans of the military and they earned about 11 million dollars annually and drove about 11 cr miles ever since the year 2014.
  • Every month about thousands of driver’s sign up to be an Uber driver and last in the year 2015 they announced their first million drivers to complete his first trip.
  • “Momentum Magazine” their original online magazine for their cab drivers which was first released in the month of March 2015.
  • Over 50 thousand companies enrolled in Uber companies in the very first year of its business and the four major cities where Uber roam a lot are the London, Mexico, Toronto, and Paris.
  • The Taxi service of Uber is not allowed in Spain but they still have their food delivery service running in the country named as Uber eats which is in Barcelona and in the United States the food delivery service is called Uber Fresh and in the New York it is called as Uber Rush.
  • As their Uber Pool car cool program the company will be taking about 1 Crore cars off the streets from the New York. And this program has resulted in at least one marriage.

Uber has many hidden facts behind their services, the company has grown drastically when it comes to its service and they have even moved into the diversification of their business and are now into food delivery as well, they are trying to maximize their woman drivers as well. currently, 7percent of the total uber taxi service near me has woman drivers but they want to at least cross 1 lakh woman drivers by the year 2020.

They have initiated other programs as well to save the fuel and lessen the number of the Taxi’s and still optimize their business.

What do I need to find a Taxi near me?

  • Good internet connection for getting the free and available taxi’s around.
  • Any smartphone or iPhone and Mac Phone.
  • Any other device like laptop and tabs or Ipad to browse the websites online would also do!

Follow the below-mentioned steps after you have fulfilled the required criteria.

Benefits of the Taxi and cab locator near me

  • The Taxi cab locator helps us to get a list of different Taxi service providers near our surrounding area without even moving from a place.
  • Now everything is just done is simple clicks which make this a very convenient way to book a cab from the applications and websites by either calling or internet booking.
  • Without investing in any cost or time cost one gets a sorted list of the list of these suitable taxi services near them, their list and even their contact details to book the cab from the big brands like the Uber.
  • These locator websites help you to track down the closest possible Taxi and even guides about the nearest Cab services one can get at any point of the day.

Final words

Taxi service near me is now easy to spot with the all website and applications that guide you about the services and taxi near me options. You can contact the taxi drivers whenever you want and get your service easily.

One of the big players in the private taxi service near me is the Uber so one can get these services irrespective of anything. They give n no of benefits to their customer’s right from convenience, to safety and saving time. One must know that these services have their own benefits and they are giving a really tough competition to the public cab drivers.

You can download their application from any platform like the Google Play Store or the Itunes and if you have a space problem on your phone to not download the application then you can even try the websites that guide you about the Near me open now options.

Remember whichever service you choose Public or Private must be cost effective for you, there are times when people are running out of battery or do not have a good internet connection you can still choose the public taxi services as they are good too!

As said everything has their own pros and cons and if you do not try both the services you will never be able to experience their pros and cons. The biggest con of the private taxi drivers is that they do not arrive or cannot be booked if a person does not have the apt device and internet connection on their smartphone.

So you stay deprived of the taxi services because of this, likely even public transport and cabs have many pros and cons, you can choose any of the service providers you want.

Thank you.