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Bank Of America Near Me: The Corporation has a strong history of America in the United States. It was founded 1928 when Amadeo Peter Giannini combined his Bank of Italy with Orra E. Monnette’s bank in Los Angeles. Thus the union of both banks chose the name “Bank of America” which was headed by Giannini and co-chaired by Orra E. Monnette. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, strict legislations that controlled its further growth and diversification were confronted by the bank. In 1967, because of the Bank Holding Company Act, Giannini Orra’s bank and all the recently formed Bank of America near me Corporation took over its subsidiary companies.

Bank of America near me, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina is a banking giant. As a bank that is large, second in holdings and then JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America brings many customers because of the extensive offering of services of merchandises and the vast variety of places. Some clients seek out large banks like Bank of America as Bank of America gobbles up other institutions like Merrill Lynch and FleetBoston Financial Corp others become customers by default

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More transactions are now processed by this bank online than it does through all its banking facilities that are physical. But when a bank tells its customers that its online banking system is secure and safe, most folks would be shocked to learn otherwise. Bank of America, the leader in online banking, rolled out its Mobile Banking service nationwide. The service empowers more than 20 million online banking customers to bank from their cell phone or smartphone with built-in security attributes.

Bank of America near me

Bank America quickly grew into among the largest Bank Holding Company in the United States; but due to significant losses in 1997, its financial standing could not be sustained by the BankAmerica Corporation. Eventually, in the year 1998, the Bank of America near me Corporation was obtained by the biggest US bank holding company of the time NationsBank Corporation. This acquisition resulted in the renaming of NationsBank.

The BAC always looks to enlarge its business throughout America. It now has different sections to manage consumer banking, investment banking, and corporate banking. The bank also offers international presence with offices and divisions in more than 40 nations including China, India, Latin America, United Kingdom and many other European countries. The bank offers services including investment loans, credit facility, banking and asset management to a broad range of businesses and individuals around the world.

Bank of America near me is a coast to coast bank that is dominant with an entire and strong consumer franchise. This financial institution is in the company is to help individuals realize their dreams and to help make communities stronger. They’re committed to taking a leadership role in helping make environmental protection and economic development harmonious. They may be a top international supplier of integrated working capital management and treasury solutions to corporate and business customers of sizes, financial institutions and governments worldwide.

Customers looking for the new service for the closest Bank of America near me ATM or banking facility are served with Microsoft Map Point technology. Customers can use Map Point from their mobile to locate the most suitable bank place around town. Consider Among The world’s top financial services firm, the bank is committed to making banking work for customers like it never has before.